Ways To Give

Every donation makes a difference to Food Bank Aid and the food banks we support! We make it as easy as possible – you can donate money, drop off food and essential household items to 50+ collection points or send a supermarket delivery directly to our distribution hub.
Why not help others to honour a birthday, anniversary, Barmitzvah or any special event with your own personalised page or invitation to help Food Bank Aid.

Hosting for the Hungry

Nigel and Nicole Rothband launched Hosting for the Hungry in 2018. To date they have raised more than £5,500 for causes that help to alleviate hunger.

We are fortunate to be able to invite family and friends to dinner parties and celebratory meals regularly. Guests are always so generous and send or bring gifts. We have decided, instead of receiving gifts, to ask our guests to help us raise money and this will be distributed to help alleviate hunger.’ – Nigel Rothband

Please join us and ask your guests to donate to Hosting for the Hungry instead of giving and receiving gifts and feed the hungry while you dine. All donations will be split 70/30 between Food Bank Aid and US Bushey Chesed.

Donate here.

With grateful thanks – Nigel and Nicole

Send an online delivery to our hub

Food Bank Aid, 2b Chaplin Sq, Gt North Leisure Park, London N12 0GL
07956 598204

We receive donations and deliveries at our donations & distribution hub Monday to Friday from 8am to 5.30pm and on Sunday from 12pm to 5pm.

Please send supermarket deliveries to the rear (drivers should follow signs to McDonalds Drive Thru.)